same photo,
without your

D-ID protects identities from
facial recognition

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same photo,
without your

D-ID protects identities from
facial recognition

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What is D-ID?

The facial recognition market is growing exponentially and has made our faces – our identifiers. D-ID’s identity protection makes organizations’ photos and videos unrecognizable to facial recognition tools, while keeping them similar to the human eye. Faces hold sensitive biometric data, make no compromises protecting it.

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Unlike passwords,
you can’t change your face

Powerful AI Technology

D-ID’s proprietary algorithm combines the most advanced image processing and deep learning techniques to resynthesize any given photo to a protected version. The protected photos are unrecognizable to face recognition algorithms. However, humans will not notice any difference. The technology is designed to be difficult for AI to overcome.

Privacy Regulation Compliance

Privacy regulations such as the GDPR address face images as sensitive personal information, subject to strict security standards, fines and lawsuits. D-ID offers an innovative solution to enhance data protection by way of “Privacy by Design”.

Enhanced Identity-Theft Protection

D-ID protects biometric databases against face recognition and eliminates the risk of identity theft. The company offers the solution in two flexible models for: SaaS and On-Premise. Organizations can now store photos and videos while guaranteeing the privacy and security of their employees, customers and users.

Human Right to Privacy

It’s much more than privacy and identity protection!

Comply with
BIPA and others
Protect identities
of employees,
customers and users
Build a reputation
as a privacy leader
Minimize notification
requirements in case
of a data breach
Implement Privacy
By Design

About Us

D-ID was founded by Israeli Defense Forces veterans of the Special Forces and Unit 8200. The founders recognized the risks that come with the growing global deployment of face recognition technologies. Determined to take on this challenge they built a solution that restores privacy and protects identities.

The team consists of the top experts in Deep Learning, Image Processing and Computer Vision, who all hold M.Sc.’s and Ph.D.’s.

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