22 - December 2021

Can D-ID be the face of the Metaverse?

“Recently, we realized that in the Metaverse, we are going to hold a super important strategic position,” explained Gil Perry, Co-Founder and CEO of D-ID. “Because we are experts in ...

10 - October 2021

Mondelez uses AI to animate family photos for Vietnamese holiday

Mondelez's creative and data agency partners, Publicis and Digitas Vietnam, respectively, were able to team with Tel Aviv-based AI company D-ID on the activation, demonstrating how agency holding companies can use their scale to find tech partners to elevate campaign experiences. D-ID has ...

18 - June 2021

Is This AI Startup The Next Pixar?

And these were just the first steps for D-ID on its ambitious journey to reshape with AI a market which is predicted to reach $2.7 trillion in 2025.  “In seven to ten years, there will be a ...