Reenactment Suite

D-ID’s proprietary facial reenactment technology will transform forever the way we view faces. The artificial intelligence-based technology enables the creation of
high-quality, realistic video footage, using any “driver” video to guide the movements, expressions, and speech of the target actor or still photo subject.
Our Reenactment-based products offer new groundbreaking capabilities for the media, entertainment, and advertising industries. Our product suite includes Live Portraits, Talking Heads and Lip Sync. 

Live Portrait

D-ID’s groundbreaking Reenactment technology brings still photos to life. Our process connects your picture to a “driver” video, animating and voicing the subject of the picture so that they speak, smile, blink, move their head, and match any movement in the “driver” video. Using AI-technology, D-ID has added a new dimension to profile pictures, historical photos, or family portraits, transforming images to video in ways that they never imagined.

Talking Heads

D-ID’s disruptive Facial Reenactment technology allows video producers to animate actors based on sample “driver” videos. The AI-based technology is used to guide the head and facial expressions of an actor, precisely matching the expressions and movements in the driver video. The technology allows producers and actors to take part in many more projects, and overcome challenges such as social distancing during COVID 19.