AI Production Video

Without a Single Cameraman


D-ID’s disruptive facial reenactment technology creates realistic facial film sequences based on driver videos. The artificial intelligence-based technology allows uses driver videos to control and modify facial expressions and movements in pictures and video footage.


Stunning Results

D-ID-engineered video-edits look entirely realistic, giving producers and directors more control over the final cut of their film. The technology significantly reduces the costs involved in reshooting scenes, as it alleviates the need for camera crews, set rental, actor fees and other associated expenses, and drastically reduces the number of days needed for shooting. 


How Does It Work?

D-ID uses Artificial Intelligence-based technology to recreate human faces and control the images on screen. Our proprietary algorithms and deep learning systems ensure that the desired emotions and movements are captured on film.


Live Portrait
This process connects your picture to a driver video, allowing the subject to smile, wink, blink, move their head and match any movements in the driver video.
Talking Heads
This process perfectly syncs lip movements to speech, all while guiding other facial expressions and motions, including blinking, smiling, and nodding their head.
Reshooting driver scenes anywhere using high-quality footage, which can be used to adjust or correct the original footage shot on the scene. The AI-based technology is used to guide the head and facial expressions, motions, and speech of the original actor.
Self Puppeteering
This process can be used to adjust or correct the original footage shot on the scene. The original footage displays realistic edits with facial expressions, motions, and speech that matches the driver video.