Collect visual data

while complying with GDPR regulations

Smart Video Anonymization



D-ID allows companies to use publicly-recorded video data in order to improve business performance using artificial intelligence analytics. Utilizing advanced computer vision, AI and deep-learning models, D -ID removes Personally Identifiable Information (PII), while preserving key attributes such as age, gender, emotion, gaze etc.

D-ID Smart Video Anonymization allows organizations to monetize video data in ways they could not have done before.

Collect valuable analytics while meeting strict privacy regulations such as GDPR & CCPA

Leverage and share commercially-valuable data across borders

How Video Anonymization Works

D-ID removes facial images without processing or profiling the subject. It then replaces the images with AI-generated, photorealistic faces of nonexistent people. These anonymized faces retain a natural complexion, making the technology far superior to legacy solutions that rely on blurring or pixelation.

D-ID anonymized faces preserve key non-identifying attributes of the original face including age, gender, expression, gaze direction and more, allowing for analytics to be collected while respecting privacy laws and regulations.